Tung Family

We practice the traditional style of Tai Chi Chuan transmitted by the Tung (or Dong) family.

Master Tung Ying-chieh (Dong Yinjie, 1897-1961), the first master of the Tung family, originally studied the Wu (Hao)-style with Li Xiangyuan, a student of the master Hao Weizhen. He then heard about Master Yang Chengfu and became his principle student for over 17 years and co-authored several books with him.

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Pictures comparing the postures of Tung Ying-chieh and Yang Chengfu

Yang Chengfu (Yang Cheng-fu, 1883-1936) is historically considered the best known teacher of the soft style martial art of Yang-style Tai Chi Chuan. He is famous for havingsmoothed” out the somewhat more vigorous training routine he learned from his family and for having taught many students at a time when Tai Chi was a very potent art, jealously guarded by a few families. His direct descendants, the many students he taught, and their students, have spread the art around the world.                             

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During the war years, Tung Ying-chieh moved to Hong Kong and opened the “Tung Ying Kit Taichichuan Gymnasium” and extensively promulgated the Yang style of Tai Chi. In his later years, he also taught Tai Chi Chuan in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. The contribution to the development of Tai Chi Chuan has continued with his descendants who are now teachings worldwide.

Tung Hu Ling (1917-1992), the eldest son of Tung Ying-chieh, succeeded him and taught in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the US. He emigrated to the United States in 1966 and taught tai chi chuan in Hawaii and California.

Tung Hu was a true martial artist, a highly skilled practioner of Tai Chi Chuan and known for his expertise in Push Hands.

Tung Hu Ling performing the first part of the Yang form

The eldest son of Hu Ling, Tung Kai Ying (1941), studied Tai Chi Chuan with his father and his grandfather. In 1971, he settled in Los Angeles where he founded the “Tung Kai Ying Academy of Tai Chi Chuan”.

Master Tung Kai Ying, and his son Master Tung Chen Wei hold regular workshops in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia .

Masters Tung Kai Ying and Tung Chen Wei

For more information over the Tung family, please visit the official website of Master Tung Kai Ying: http://www.tungkaiying.com/

30 years of workshops in Paris with Master Tung Kai Ying